Construction & Demolition

home-construction-demolition-wasteRecycling in the Construction and Demolition industry has become more important and more complex. C&D waste is often hard to recycle because it is made up of so many different materials Рranging from soil to plasterboard. Around 30 million tonnes of construction waste goes to landfill each year and contractors are being encouraged to reduce waste and be more resource efficient.

New legislation makes it essential you make it a key part of your project plan. Without it, even the best-managed sites will be vulnerable to fines and sanctions, while efficient sites can qualify for special funding. There are practical benefits too. For example, recycled rubble can replace up to 50% of quarried material in pre-cast concrete, without reducing strength. will meet up to 30% of the costs of new plant equipment, land and infrastructure.

Thankfully, EMS will help. We have C & D customers across the globe that know they can depend on EMS to provide what they need, when they need it.