Waste Energy RDF

Refuse derived fuel (RDF)is made from residual Municipal Solid Waste and includes biodegradable waste products such as paper and card as well as plastics.


RDF is used in combined heat and power facilities. It has a lower calorific value than solid recovered fuel (SRF).

RDF can be used in a variety of ways to produce electricity. It can be used alongside traditional sources of fuel in coal power plants. In Europe RDF can only be used in situations where the strict standards of the Waste Incineration Directive are met.

Solid recovered fuel (SRF) is produced from commercial waste and includes paper, card, wood, textiles and plastic. It is typically shredded to < 25mm and treated to reduce the moisture content. Solid recovered fuel has a high calorific value and is used in facilities such as cement kilns.rdf2

EMS have numerous RDF facilities around the globe utilising our latest technology to produce a high value output.

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