Case Study – Compost Plant

Compost Plant with Trommel, Lights Extraction and Picking Station.

compost-plantThis EMS plant has been installed by a customer who was previously working with a mobile trommel and improvised picking station.

This system has been designed with the follwoing specification to maximise the efficiency of the sorting operation whilst also increasing capacity for sorting and improving the quality of sorted materials.

  • Trommel screen with 4 m Feeder
  • 6ft diameter x 21ft long drum with split screen mesh giving 0-15mm and15-50mmmaterial to bays underneath trommel drum.
  • Oversize material travels up an inclined conveyor with vibrating belt to level feed.
  • Suction hood mounted over inclined conveyor removes plastic contaminants to a compactor.
  • Material enters single bay sorting cabin where remaiining plastic contamination can be manually removed and deposited to overhead suction hood.
  • large items of contamination are positively picked to the holding bay underneath sorting cabin.
  • End product oversize material is clean and suitable for reprocessing by shredding.

To see video of this plant operating please click link – EMS Compost Sorting System.