Case Study – Dry recyclables Plant

Specification of Plant:

dry-recyclables-plantIN Floor Scraper Chain Feed Conveyor

Feed Hopper consists of:

  • 1.5m wide X 4m long and is fabricated from 5mm thick steel plate, with a capacity of 3 cubic meters.
  • The hopper’s bottom opening has continuous adjustable rubber flashing in contact with the 1m wide x 5m chain belt feeder.

Scraper Chain Incline Conveyor

  • Scraper chain conveyor is 1m wide x 9m long and is fitted with a steel slots with rib back supports.
  • 3 ply belt is fitted 5mm top cover 1.5mm bottom cover
  • Rugged structural steel sub-frame incorporates chain and sprocket drive
  • 700mm high sides to elimate spillage

Four Bay Picking Station

  • The horizontal picking belt is a 1000mm wide X 11.5m long and run flush with the main structure allowing material to be safely and easily disposed of to each of the 8 outlet chutes 750mm x 450mm
  • Bay dimensions 2.2m wide x 3m high with suitable bracing mountings on RSJ uprights
  • Variable speed control is mounted facing discharge side of the screen area giving the operator a full view of the material on the conveyor.

Enviro Cabin

  • A steel clad double skinned cabin with wall insulation to reduce noise and dust levels
  • Mounted the full length of the picking station complete with 4 off plastic double glazed windows.
  • 4off access doors with plastic flaps at entrance and discharge end of picking belt
  • Suitable lighting is installed

Over – Band Magnet

  • The over band magnet is fitted on the last bay with adjustable stainless steel shackle supports.
  • The stainless steel chute to collect the recovered steel into a suitable container

Horizontal and inclined Scraper Chain Conveyor to supply baler

  • Horizontal and inclined section of the Scraper chain conveyor is 1m wide x 21m long and is fitted with steel slots with rib back supports.
  • 700mm high sides to elimate spilage

GB 1108f 30 Hp Baler C/W Control Panel

  • Multi Material Baler fed by in floor feeder
  • Automatic Tie System

Electrical Control Panel

  • Fitted with sequence start up and shut down
  • Remote control panel in the Picking Station to control the complete system

Further Details available on request