Case Study – Barr Environmental

case-study-barrBarr Environmental is a waste management company providing collection, transport, recycling and disposal services to the public and private sectors in the south-west of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Before teaming up with EMS, all of Barr’s output was heading to landfill. They asked us to deliver a system capable of diverting a large proportion of that to help them lower costs, lower their environmental impact and keep up with their competition.

EMS designed, developed and installed a system that currently diverts 44% of the output previously going to landfill. And with plans to add our bolt-on RDS system, they will soon be diverting over 80% and recovering a great deal of valuable material.

Their system currently features:

SRS6000 Shredder slow-speed twin shaft
833 trommel
Overband magnets
Eddy currents
Density separator
Picking station