Odour Control Systems

Improving air quality in waste processing plants will clear odours and improve the working environment. Our product eliminates unpleasant odours both in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Suitable for all enclosed spaces but not for use in areas of sediment continuous occupation. With no need for chemicals, minimal maintenance and low power consumption, it provides a true green solution.

The advanced technology applied allows the control of Bacteria and VOCs more efficiently than ever before. All of this is achieved without fans and with very low energy consumption. The custom designed Thermal convection system ensures that contaminated air processed through the unit achieves optimum dwell time in the purifying chamber. As the processed air leaves the unit then it itself becomes an efficient cleaning agent targeting pathogens in the air and on surfaces within 100 m2 around the unit.

The equipment offers a unique design without the need of a fan motor or moving parts. All parts which could be affected by onerous off-gassing of caustic materials are encased in a hermetically sealed insulated chamber.

We can also provide solutions for odour control in small rooms such as offices, bathrooms, etc.

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