Air Knife Separation

Air Knife Separation

EMS ltd’s air knife is a tool used to blow off liquid or debris from products as they travel on conveyors. Air knives are normally used in manufacturing or as the first step in a recursive recycling process to separate lighter or smaller particles from other components for use in later or subsequent steps, part of component cleaning. The knife consists of a high intensity, uniform sheet of laminar airflow sometimes known as streamline flow.

An industrial air knife is a pressurized air plenum containing a series of holes or continuous slots through which pressurized air exits in a laminar flow pattern. The exit air velocity then creates an impact air velocity onto the surface of whatever object the air is directed. This impact air velocity can range from a gentle breeze to greater than Mach 0.6 (40,000 ft/min) to alter the surface of a product without mechanical contact.


  • The material enters the Air knife via conveyers and heavier materials, (rock, metal etc.) drops off onto conveyers positioned accordingly.
  • A high velocity stream of air through which the falling materials has to travel, redirects the lighter material from the waste stream.
  • The lighter materials are separated from the falling waste stream and captured by the extraction hood.
  • The heavier materials fractions are impervious to the incoming air stream and so are unaffected and simply continue to fall on to the next stage of the screening.
  • They include an input air volume fed through a modifiable nozzle, complemented with an extraction hood.


  • An air knife is beneficial to any Material Recycling Facility (MRF) as it makes the remaining manual sorting a quicker process and as a result cheaper running costs.
  • An air knife can be installed anywhere in a MRF
  • We can tailor solutions from abroad range of air and suction systems, including Fan blowers,
  • Air knives and sophisticated suction systems to remove lightweight material from the waste stream and ensure a clean marketable end product.


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