Suction Systems

Suction Systems

The plastic film / bag removal system is the ideal system to remove any plastic bags from picking lines and to store them any distance away.

It consists of one or usually a series of extraction hoods which are mounted above multiple or single hand-picking lines. Any number of picking stations can be accommodated.

Positioning the extraction points over the belt enables the pickers to use ergonomic movements, thus enabling them to remove more contaminate from the picking line, greatly improving efficiency.

Suction hoods are placed ergonomically above the conveyors and connected together with ducting. This enables you to remove plastic waste from a number of points, with it all being instantly transported to one central location (enabling easier logistical management). Here it passes through a Rotary Separator, which separates the waste from the conveying air. The waste falls by gravity to a hopper or can easily be fed into a container or baler. Using a baler minimises waste storage area, reduces mess, releases resources and collection areas. After the separator, the conveying air is either exhausted to atmosphere or returned to the extraction area via an optional filter. A further option is available to incorporate the returned air into the extraction hood to provide noise free circulation. The plastic removal system has proven to be a highly valued addition to the MRF, offering engineers maximum design flexibility and improved segregation of recyclables.


  • Ergonomic pick action, greater efficiency.
  • Multiple extraction points can transport material back to a centralised location.
  • Waste can easily be baled saving space and material movement.
  • No need for multiple storage containers.
  • Systems are designed to suit a particular range of plastic waste products.
  • High material throughput.