Density Separator DS3500

Density Separator DS3500

A Density Separator is a device that uses an air current to separate a material from another of greater density or particles from other greater size. By using air, materials can be separated based on other material density or shape. Essentially the machine separates waste streams into two fractions; heavy and light. Items which are smaller and/ or denser drop through the airstream onto the variable speed discharge belt (The Heavy’s) Items that are close to the operator settable border between lights and heavies are assisted by the rotating drum to be deposited with lights or heavy’s depending upon which way the drum is set to rotate.


  • Mixed product is conveyed at up to 50 meters per minute into high air- stream
  • Lights out – feed belt 4KW
  • Light fraction is passed over the splitter drum where separation takes place from the air in expansion room
  • Heavy fraction falls below the splitter drum and transferred by means of a conveyor


  • Can separate two waste streams into two fractions; Heavy and Lights quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce Waste Disposal Costs and Maximise Material Recovery with Density Separation technology
  • Recovering high-quality, reusable material from waste not only equips you with a valuable resource – it also boosts your green credentials
  • EMS Ltd.’s density separators benefit from leading separation technology, ensuring an ultra-efficient process and guaranteeing high returns
  • They are also fully self-contained, extremely durable, with the advantage of being easily incorporated into existing systems

Technical Details

  • Re- circulating air flow variable from 10k – 30k ltrs per hour
  • In feed belt 4KW
  • Width range from 1000mm to 3000mm
  • Drum speed variable from 5-25 rpm
  • Throughput 35 Tonnes Per/Hour
  • Heavy’s out feed belt 4KW


  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Refuse Derived Fuel

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