Dust Fighter

Dust Fighter

EMS’s Ltd. Dust-Fighter generates nebulized water and can be used in various situations, such as the demolition of buildings, the processing of materials, earth moving works etc.

The micro drops of water produce a significantly reduction in the expansion of powders liberated in the air. This feature greatly contributes in the shape of a cleaner, safer, healthier and better looking Material Recycling Facility (MRF).

In order to meet the many customer’s requirements various models are made available, differing from each other for the scope and coverage of surfaces.


  • Reduction of dust powders
  • Significant reduction of water consumption vis-à-vis traditional methods (water jet)
  • Reduction of mud
  • Large working radius
  • No staff used

Standard Equipment

  • Three-phase inlet
  • Complete with a two wheels undercarriage and tow bar, with fork lift pockets
  • 2 x Height adjustable stabilizers
  • Control panel
  • 2 Integrated booster pumps to control the correct working pressure
  • Flow meter
  • Phase inverter
  • Automatic oscillation system managed from the control panel; the range of work can cover from 0° to 330° ca.
  • Pump for chemical additives
  • Remote control to switch the Dust-Fighter On & Off, Pump
  • On & Off , & electrical rotation (if present)