Overband Magnets / Ferrous Separation

Overband Magnets / Ferrous Separation

As part of EMS ltd.’s complete turnkey plant design service, we are pleased to offer effective overband magnets, which can be installed above our materials handling conveyors for the removal of tramp metal/ferrous materials from your waste stream.


  • Designed and manufactured to provide the highest possible ferrous metal recovery rates.
  • The overband magnets are built to an industry setting standard.
  • These magnets are renowned for high performance, low maintenance and consistent reliability.
  • EMS ltd works alongside one of the world’s most experienced overband magnetic separator manufacturers.
  • So, if you are looking for a reliable overband magnetic separator for removing metal contamination from your waste stream, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our expert engineers to discuss a separating magnet that will save you time, labour and money.


  • By using a magnetic separator within your waste stream you can improve the quality and purity of your recyclable materials.
  • Magnets can also help to protect and prolong the life-cycle of your recycling handling machinery by minimising damage and downtime that can be caused by metal within the waste stream.
  • EMS ltd can offer metal detecting magnets that suit the exact requirements of your recycling and waste handling process.
  • EMS ltd offer overband magnets in a variety of strengths, depending on your needs.
  •  EMS ltd can supply a magnetic separator that is strong enough to perform under the most demanding waste separating situations.


  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Green Waste
  • Wood Recovery

Suspended magnets:

  • EMS Ltd suspended magnets are available in permanent or electro-magnetic designs and can either be manual or self-cleaning.
  • With a range of extras as options, these heavy duty magnets can be retro – fitted into new and existing plants.

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