Picking Stations

Picking Stations

For larger facilities relying on manual separation

Our picking stations allow secure and efficient manual management of waste materials. Each picking bay is essentially a conveyer belt system letting valuable items be removed by hand.

They are a customisable and practical option for projects where only manual removal will suffice. Each station can be designed, built and installed to suit your specific needs, budget and facility.

Overband magnets can be positioned along sorting lines to remove and collect ferrous metals, while Eddy-current Separators can remove nonferrous metals from the waste stream, e.g. Aluminium cans. Underfloor (Belly) Conveyors are also available, which increase efficiency by up to 30%. And each station includes insulation, lighting, heating and ventilation for the comfort and safety of team members.

Two-Bay Mobile Picking Station – For smaller projects relying on manual separation

Two-Bay Mobile Picking Station is a smaller, portable version of our static picking stations.

Picking station:

  • Length: 13.8m  x 3.6m wide
  • Bay dimensions: 10’ wide x 8’ long x 10’deep
  • heavy-duty chassis with 5th wheel towing hitch
  • Variable speed control
  • Secure walkways, handrails and access ladders

Power pack:

  • Air-cooled diesel engine, fitted with  automatic shut-down
  • 3 hydraulic pumps designed for maximum output at low pressure
  • Large-capacity hydraulic oil reservoir to regulate oil temperature
  • Suction return filters
  • Easy operation of complete system

Heavy-duty chassis:

  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Air brakes
  • Hydraulic jack leg


  • Steel-clad, double-skinned cabin with wall insulation to reduce noise and dust levels
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Two access doors
  • Suitable lighting


  • Nip Point Guarding
  • External belt-adjustment points
  • Emergency stops
  • Fully-guarded to health & safety legislation

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