Turbo Clean Separator TC2500

Turbo Clean Separator TC2500

Converting your waste into marketable product. The turbo clean incorporates efficient drum and air separation for increased screening capabilities. The duel function of this unit allows for complete segregation based on size and weight. Designed for the removal of lights from heavies in the +10 to -50mm material range.


  • Range of screen sizes available according to materials
  • Air separation for complete segregation of light materials
  • Designed for easy shipping and installation
  • Suitable for various feeding mechanisms adaptable to concrete walls or available on steel legs
  • Range of feeding mechanisms available including steel slatted and horizontal feeding belts


  • Extremely robust trommel
  • Low running cost
  • High throughput rate
  • Capable of treating C & D waste
  • Replaceable bolted screen panels
  • 80% clean material output

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