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Beat The Trommel Fines Tax – How to Minimise the Increased Costs?

The HMRC have drastically increased taxes imposed on the disposal of trommel fines, leaving all waste operators worrying about solutions to minimise the impact this will have on their business.

The recently launched Turbo Clean Separator (TCS18-36) by EMS has received huge interest in recent weeks following this ambiguity surrounding the classification of trommel fines. The Turbo Clean Separator is designed to extract potentially valuable material from the fines be separating out the lights and the hardcore.

Until now the vast majority of recycling firms have been content with paying the Landfill Tax imposed upon trommel waste fines which has been very low (£2.50). HMRC has now issued “new guidance” to clarify what it considers to be a loophole being used by waste transfer station and sorting facility operators. In many cases, the fines that come out of their trommel activity are being classed as inert waste and therefore landfilled under the lower rate tax classification. However, HMRC has now stated that this should not be the case as the description does not match the exact description for inert waste in the Order. (Landfill Tax (Qualifying Material) Order  011)

With these waste facility operators now having to pay £64/tonne on their residual waste ‘fines’ rather than the inert level of £2.50/tonne, this has seen a sharp increase in recycling companies seeking further screening processes for their trommel fines.

The Solution:

In anticipation of such increases, Environmental Marketing Solutions have put a great deal of time and effort into developing a solution that can easily be incorporated into any existing waste handling and extraction system, allowing users to extract potentially valuable recyclable materials out of the fines to generate additional revenue, and to minimise the volume of waste required to be disposed that is covered by the new regulations.  The Turbo Clean Separator (TCS) is a unique unit on the market today – offering the customer the ability to screen their fines material into three classifications – fine –hardcore and light material. Mixed together, these materials would normally be destined for the landfill.

But separated apart, the customer has the potential to recover up to 80% of valuable material and decrease the amount of fine material sent to landfill – and with the new regulations, the cost saving potential is huge. The TCS incorporates efficient drum and air separation for increased screening capabilities. The dual functions of this unit allows for complete segregation based on size and weight.